Urban Flowers

The founder of Urban Flowers is Celicia Weiler, she became vegetarian at 12 years old and by the age of 15 she decided not to wear leather anymore, so she found a shoe maker and started designing her own shoes and eventually began to sell them.

We are against any form of animal exploitation and since our beginning, we dreamed with a peaceful world, fair and full of empathy, we understand that the job we chose can potentialize the reality that we want. That is why we created a company that respects sentient beings and that understands that each form of life, deserves right conditions to live with other beings that we share our planet with.

Urban flowers is a company founded and composed mostly by women. We really see ourselves as urban flowers.

Cecilia and Patrick are the young entrepreneurs (24&27 years old) that run this family business, they are vegans and they live in the most sustainable way possible. They are always looking to improve and to make their part in the world. They do charity through Urban Flowers, like giving meals to homeless people, donating to animal shelters, and at the moment they are giving masks to an institute in the slams with every purchase.