About us

YDAWI is a creative space,

a handmade, homemade,

ecommerce marketplace,

Where each product is truly unique,

crafted by hands using skilful technique,

or created by the brains of your average geek,

from human for human, with love, so to speak.

Handmade with love, our Makers create

the most uniquely crafted products from Oman, UAE to Kuwait

and we provide them with a platform through which they can sell

their handmade products to those who’ll love them well.

At YDAWI – Arabic for handmade –

we take care of all the selling/buying/getting paid,

so our Makers can spend more time pouring love into their trade,

and our customers get goods only of the highest grade.

No, we don’t just offer a place for Makers to sell their products,

we let our Makers make, while we develop their conducts

in business, as entrepreneurs, and we take care of all the faff

that seems to, inevitably, come along with all of that…

So, leave all of the hassle and all that faff to us,

so that making things you love can be your only focus,

and we’ll get those products to those who love them, too,

and there can be a worldwide appreciation of craftspeople, like you.

We help you to create a brand out of your creativity,

one that shows off, with love, the best of your ability,

and while we’re doing that, you can rest and see

your business growing, while you have a cup of tea.

Yes, we’ll promote you, we’ll get your brand well known

by people who love skilled-craftsmanship, just like your own.

And, as your homemade product reaches its new buyer,

you can rest assured that your craft has helped to inspire

a new generation of people, across these and further lands,

who understand the skill it takes to made such crafts by hand,

who begin to reject mass-making using artificial intelligence,

and appreciate instead the joy of handmade elegance.

And while the world keeps moving on towards mass-production,

we stand to show you this, our very own deduction:

that what you make with your hands is in fact your own reflection,

and what’s deep inside your heart, your hands make with affection.

And affection is infectious, so why not pass it on?

A loving gift from your hands to the hands of someone

who finds beauty and inspiration in your craft and skill,

and can see that the making process is your truest thrill.

So, come on, now, join us, be the revolution,

whether you purchase or produce, you can make your contribution

to the handmade market, where love is the main ingredient required,

a place where you’ll be endlessly amazed and inspired.

Yes, we maintain, handmade is a manifestation

of humanity and love poured into our creations.

If you believe in this, then you believe in us, come on, be the improvement,

be the change, be a part of the handmade-homemade movement.