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YDAWI (Handmade in Arabic) is the new GCC leading marketplace for all creative and unique handmade products
made by the hands of people and brands who believe that we're capable of getting something different to the
customer that we made with love, from human to human.

We're not just a marketplace that you offer your products on, we're here to help you become and an entrepreneur and

make a brand out of your creativity, promote it everywhere and take care of all the hassle that comes with that dream

while you just focus on making things you love to reach someone who loves it.

Apply now to join our community and reach thousands of YDAWI shoppers in the GCC and MENA region.

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What do our Makers get?

When you sell on YDAWI, your products are easier to find and easier to buy.

From door to door

An advanced shipping technology where you
just order the courier to pick up the order at
a click of a button and deliver it.

Great marketing reach

We promote your products on online advertising channels and social media to ensure your products are well represented. Thousands of shoppers are on YDAWI looking for products just like the ones you make.

Your online customised shop

Get your own shop where you can add your story and products where you can share it with the world and make it your online base

Cross-border Selling

Our shoppers are from every where in the region, so your reach is much bigger than you might think!

Tell Your Story

A chance to connect to your customer, create your unique product and show case your product.

Ready to Start?

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Fill our online application that will take just 2 min of your time, we'll review it and will create an account for you if your products qualify to be on our marketplace.

List your products

After receiving your account login, you'll need to upload your products to your story, create a logo for it, and write the story behind what you make and why are you making it. Our team will help you get this done easily.

Start selling!

Now you can rest and wait for the orders to come so you can fulfil them, request for pick up and well delover to the customer for you. We make it easy for you to just make products that our customers love and we take care of the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why YDAWI is different?

We 're not just a marketplace that you add your products on. We're driven by inspiring talented Makers to help them become an entrepreneurs, and that includes helping you with marketing, shipping, education, localisation, etc. We're not here to just make money, we're here to build a worldwide success story shared with passioned Makers, a story that inspires millions of customers and makers globally so we all take the collaborated economy to a great level where it used to be in the past. This is our promise. This is our mission. This is YDAWI!

2. What items can I sell on YDAWI?

All items must be hand- or home-made. In compliance with the regulations of the United Arab Emirates.

3. How does selling on YDAWI work?

Fill out our Maker Application then our team will validate it and get in touch with you asap to start your on-boarding process. Our team will get in touch with you to subscribe to one of our subscription plans and start selling.

4. Who handles the delivery?

We handle the delivery on your behalf through our networks of couriers. You just need to focus on making great products for our customers and we'll make sure this is handled smoothly on your behalf.