What is YDAWI?

YDAWI enables Makers of handmade and homemade products to sell what they make to thousands of shoppers across the GCC and MENA region

Who can sell on YDAWI?

Approved Makers and Collaborative groups (for example, a Cooperative, Nonprofit, or Charity) can sell their products on YDAWI.

YDAWI benefits

No upfront fees. Waived standard monthly professional seller fees for Makers.

Apply and start selling on YDAWI

We recommend that you use a desktop or laptop computer for this process.

Tell us about you

Tell us about your work

Show us your work

Select your product category

Handmade definitions:

Artisan working alone: You design and create the products yourself.

Artisan with less than 20 employees: You design and create the products yourself, with a small group of family members and/or employees working with you.

Collaborative group of Artisans: For example, Cooperative, Nonprofit, or Charity. We will consider a variety of groups based on how they are set up to benefit local Artisans.

Other: If you don't fit into one of the categories above, select Other and tell us about your business.

What is Handmade?

Handcrafted: Made entirely by hand

Hand-altered: Existing product altered or adapted into a new design, for example, a denim jacket you paint or draw your designs on.

Handmade Customized: If you're customizing a handmade product, then you are eligible to sell on YDAWI. For example, if you make jewellery and hand stamp initials on them per the customer's request.

What info should you include?

It should be clear from your description that you create the designs and play a part in the production of your handmade products.

What materials are involved?

What tools or techniques do you use?

How long does each step take?

If you have more than one product, you can include those details or just focus on your main product.

What info should you include?

We want to see your products! Upload images of products that are ready to sell or images of them during the creation process.

Please ensure the images are clear and high resolution. Acceptable formats are .jpg, .png., and .gif.

What if I sell in multiple categories?

You can sell in multiple categories on Handmade, we only need you to select one in order for us to evaluate your application. If you can't find the exact category, select the category that best matches what you make.

If you make more than one product, you can still sell these once you're approved and start listing your products.